Hannah’s Daypack

Published: June 2015

date made: april 2015
dates used: april 2015 – september 2016 (21 months)

A shoulder bag, apron, belt and hanging workstation all in one. A reasonably compact version of my studio workspace that allows me to comfortably carry a selection of all the tools I commonly use, as well as a selection of materials that can be determined by the nature of the occasion. The Daypack itself not only carries the supplies but itself becomes part of the workspace by offering organization, easy access and storage facilities. It should be possible to carry the Daypack for the duration of a full day, so it also has space for food and drink, after all a studio space is not only about production, but also about living and surviving.

This is the first shoulder bag DAYpack that I made for myself after returning from Hacking the Wild in Madagascar. I used this bag as my everyday bag until September 2016 (roughly a year and half), sometimes with and sometimes without tools. The bag itself held up surprisingly well. Following are two lists of what worked well and what should be improved in a next iteration.

What worked well:
size worked great
one zipper to transform the bag into a wall-hanging tool-organizer
zipper can be zipped down partially for easier access
the rings as hanging possibilities
2 flat pockets one inside, one outside
stretch pockets for glass cleaning cloth
perfect size phone 3D pocket
roll-up tool pouch at bottom of bag
outside thread organiser made bag look unusual, drew attention, was a conversation starter

To be improved:
how to close the bag
possibility to expand capacity
can also be carried as backpack
make use of flap
outside access to upside-down pouch on front panel
outside thread rack held surprisingly well but was messy

Current Version:

Wearable studioWearable studioWearable studioWearable studioWearable studioWearable studio

Daypack in the Wild:

First Prototype: