Published: August 2017

A wearableMANIFESTO is made from a rectangle of fabric. Cut and sewn back together to minimize waste. Double sided to transform from a nice jacket into a practical apron. Wearing your tools inside or out. Ready to re-make the manifesto to show other how capacitive sensing works.

Manifesto Pattern >> http://etextile-summercamp.org/2017/summercamp/a-wearable-manifesto/
Customizations >> http://etextile-summercamp.org/2017/summercamp/our-wearable-manifestos/
Flickr set >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/albums/72157685358842794

My Wearable Manifesto

My Wearable ManifestoMy Wearable Manifesto

My Wearable Manifesto

Three different apron options:
1) Sides dangling (stay weird!)
My Wearable Manifesto
2) Arms opened and sides tucked inside
My Wearable Manifesto