Published: August 2017

Covered in large pouches with lots of space for custom fixtures. This patterns is very simple, made from geometric pieces of fabric, sewn together in x steps.

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Work Apron

Work ApronWork Apron

Work Apron


Work Skirt

Work Skirt

Work Skirt

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1) Copy or print the pattern pieces to paper, then transfer to the fabric and cut from fabric

2) Fold/crease and iron the edges of the pouches

3) Sew the pouche edges with a simple straight stitch

4) Overlock the bottom edges of the front pouches and short side edge of side pouches

5) Sew the bottom edges of the front pouches to the front piece

Work Skirt assembly

6) SKIRT ONLY: Fold, iron and sew the short side edges of the side pouches to the back piece as shown in illustration

7) Sandwich front and side/back edges together (with all pockets on inside) and overlock – if your overlock stitch is not strong, additionally sew this seam

8) Try on apron/skirt and determine how much to remove from waist to create natural fit (SKIRT: leave space to get in and out of skirt!) – remove the amount by sewing a dart, as indicated in illustration

9) APRON ONLY: Overlock short side edges of side pouches with side pieces

10) Sew waist-strip together and turn inside out

11) Sew waistband to top edge of apron/skirt

FOR SKIRT: Decide if you want to use elastic or straps or button or other method for closing skirt….

12) Overlock, fold and sew bottom edge of apron/skirt

Pattern pieces:
Work Skirt pattern

Work Skirt instructions



“I find the side pockets a bit deep and wide; makes it hard to reach small things that are at the bottom. And my skirt has 3 small front pockets (since I accidentally forgot to cut the bigger front pocket) and when I was jumping and running in my skirt I nearly lost my phone and wallet that were in the front pockets. So, I think 2 bigger front pockets would be more practical, but 3 pockets look better.”
Admar's Work Skirt








Tools' Skirt - Soft Resistance
Tools' Skirt - Soft Resistance
Tools' Skirt - Soft Resistance