“Making” Music

Published: April 2020

Turning my tools into producers of sounds.
Producing designs that accumulate and arrange these sounds into music.
Making as a means of performing.

Flickr set >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/albums/72157688047477965
YouTube >> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxMxh4ORY0EUfbspyNy9FTlQC0cE9TkaK

Sound of pins poked through fabric being stroked. A piezo element is stuck to the back.


For Prototyping

“Arduino Tool”
– multiple analog inputs
– serial and programming communication to computer
– audio jack four sound generation output

Sound Generation

– Mechanical sounds of tools operating
– Mechanical sounds of tools and materials interacting
– Piezo elements amplifying above sounds
– Voltage generated from tool use/interactions (sensors on tools)
– Voltage generated from tools interacting with conductive/resistive/piezoresistive materials (tool + material = sensor)
– Voltages fed into analog synth
– Voltages fed into analog synth
– Voltages fed into digital synth
– Voltages fed into laptop, use of software to generate sound (pure data, MaxMSP, Processing…)


– Human body, hands
– Scissors (sensor between blades, pressure sensor on grip, skin resistance on grip)
– Cutter knife and mat
– Hole punch
– Ruler
– Pencil sharpener


– carbon paint
– copper paint
– graphite pencil
– conductive fabrics
– resistive/piezoresistive rubbers



>> https://backyardbrains.com/products/twochannelspikerbox
>> https://backyardbrains.com/products/muscleElectrodeCable
>> https://backyardbrains.com/products/stimulationcable

Musical Scissors

Watch the video >> http://www.grand-illusions.com/toycollection/musical_scissors/

“Making” Discussion